We bring to the attention of  concerned parties, and hopefully there are many, some specific background of those others who, in recent times, have reaked  both verifiable and perceived harm upon their fellow human beings. In these cases, the criteria is simply greed, is very commercial and to these people, a perceived entitlement. These are those who wake up every morning, knowing full well that  there will be victims resulting from the decisions to made on that very day and virtually every other. Their families and peers consider them to be geniuses. These are those who who have no historical agenda other than self embellishment and personal advancement. Looking after "mates" comes with the territory. They will all be there at your funeral. That's most comforting !

All of these activities are unfortunately tinged with a willing and at times fawning media and regulatory Authorities, to fall in line behind this quite obvious agenda of self enrichment at the expense of others. A pox upon them all. History and a notion of decency will show them to be so very wrong and calculatingly so. The collective failings of the 39 Companies within the Allco wreck involved $3.1 billion of unsecured creditors. That's right, "unsecured" creditors. ! This fellow had no sense of shame. More later.

Death before Porridge ? ASIC were ready to pounce. The snow fields of Aspen deserved better !

All of the sycophants hopefully looking to reacquaint themselves with "Coey" in an after life, are bound for disappointment. He's not there. Most of you were at the "celebration of his life", confirming and  acknowledging that on so many occasions, you were substantial  beneficiaries and co-conspirators of his obscene and bloated commercial largesse.

Philanthropy with money that is not quite your own, is a wonderful distraction.

This fellow was the consumate opportunist !

We are aware of a world both with and without David Coe. Many of us, with just a sense of justice done and the removal of one of the very worst, are now simply contented.


Next weeks, Kate Carnell, John Brogden, Peter Reith, Craig Gore,  Eddie Groves and his Board of Directors and many more ! Tragically, the list is endless.