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Inaugural Handball competition

Inaugural Handball competition

July 2012

Inaugural Handball competition

 If you notice a few ‘suits’ walking around with tennis balls, mums in the park marking out lines with chalk or school kids screaming “INTOE!!!..” It’s probably just some locals warming up for the first “New Farm Hand ball competition” at the Brisbane Powerhouse.  Now we are not talking about the indoor, fast paced, hard to understand game played in Europe. We are talking about that game played in school yards for generations. The game that has been played since a time of dirt roads and radios. That game that is still played by children today. The game that everyone believes THEY were the school yard champion of.

The New Farm Neighbourhood Centre in conjunction with local businesses, schools and residents have banded together to create an event to bring our diverse community together around a game we all love.  An event that is more about FUN and FUNdraising. So on Saturday afternoon on the 18th August make sure you are with your family and friends. Make sure you have all dressed as a team. Make sure you have your own team ‘lingo’. And make sure you bring you’re ‘A game’ because this day will decide the all ages, non-gender specific New Farm CHAMPION of Handball!!

For information on how to register your team and details on the day please go to ..

Haesley Cush