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Definitely the best week of my life..

Definitely the best week of my life..

August 2012

 I woke up last Sunday morning, knowing that I had 54 auctions to call (that we had 9 of) and alot of anxious/interested eyes waiting to get the 'pulse' from the market. The day was electric, full room, great numbers of registered bidders and while some of the auctions took a few hours to sell....we sold 22 by the end of the day!!!

So that was the start of the week..
Monday night I cooked dinner for my wife, as she was in pre-labour and on Tuesday morning 'Vivienne Johanna (pronouced yohanna) Cush' was born!
Then on Wednesday, the 1st of August, we closed out July at just over $25 million in sales, a record (for us) 38 sales for the month. And while sales don't always translate to increasing prices, it does mean that there are buyers in the market.
In rentals we saw continued waves of enquiry and end the month having rented 28 properties..
Happy Hunting
Haesley Cush